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Hotel inspectors wanted [Jan. 28th, 2010|12:38 pm]
Bargain Hunter



 This could be a nice gig - the cunning PRs ever-vigilant standards people at Marriott hotels are asking for members of the public to become secret hotel inspectors. 

The team will help make sure their designated hotels, which have recently undergone a
major refurbishment programme and now look better than ever, stay in top condition.

The inspectors must visit Marriott hotels (for free) and try everything - the food, the spas, the bars and so on - and report back to the professional inspectors (who are perhaps bored of such luxuries and want someone else to do it).

It doesn't sound too arduous, so if you fancy it, your only skill should be the ability to enjoy hotels, but you should email their entry to Or they can apply in writing to: Marriott Hotel Inspectors, Nylon Communications, 19a Floral Street, London WC2E 9DS.

Applicants must be over 18, provide their full name and contact details and the deadline is 10th February 2009. The successful Inspectors will be selected by a panel of independent hotel experts and winners will be notified by 19th February.

Good luck, and if you get it, nick a towel for me.